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Taylor Swift rare songs: here . My links here

1.What program do you use to edit your photos?

I use Adobe Photoshop (CS2) and CS5

2. Do you have a download link?

Here and here (for mac)

Here and here (for windows)

The last one is a portable version of the CS5 so you can have it in a pen drive and take it everywhere ;) In case you download the portable version, and you want to install it on your computer, You have to do this: 

-Extract all the files in the rar archive. Then click the folder, afterthat open the folder called: adobe photoshop cs5 and look this archive: photoshop.exe* click there and photoshop will open :) 

3.What’s your name?

I think you have my name in your description :) Btw my name is Andrea :)

4.What TV program you like most?

I love Pretty Little Liars, the vampire diaries, grey’s anatomy ;)

5.Can you give away the actions/psds you use in your photos?

I have the download links for my psds if you are interested just ask for them. Also you can see the psds here.

Also check out this blogs:

6. Do you have Taylor Swift unreleased songs? Can you give me a download link?

Yes, I have over +90 rare Taylor’s songs, but I’m not allowed to give them away. It’s just a way to protect them, and respect Taylor :)

7. How do you install a style in your dash?

It’s really easy. For example, if you want this style: http://userstyles.org/styles/46423/pastel-stripes go to that page and click on install stylish. Intall that app acording to the program you have: Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer. And then click on: install style. And it’s done. You can see that you can able or enable the style and dowload as many as you want :)

8. How do you put links on your sidebar?

Just go tu customize and click on Info. There in the description box put

<*a href=”url”>Link text</a*>  (delete the *)

9. How did you get your ask and you faq in the same page?

I did this

10. Who do you ship?


  • Jaylor (Taylor S and Joe Jonas)
  • Taylor square (TS and TL)
  • Nian (Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder)
  • Delena (Elena and Damon from Vampire Diaries)
  • Klaroline 
  • Peenis (Peeta and Katniss THG)
  • Haleb (Hanna Marin and Caleb from pll)
  • Ezria (Ezra and Aria from pll)
  • Derena (Dan Humprey and Serena Van der woodsen from Gossip Girl) and I also ship them in real life.
  • Chair (Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl)

11.I hate you/your blog/your theme, etc