About me

My name is Andy and I’m 19 ;) I’m from Argentina and I loove Taylor Swift, she is my inspiration. I love twilight before the movies came out. When I’m bored I listen to music or watch series such as vampire diaries, glee, grey’s anatomy.

Also I like sports A LOT. I played volleyball on school, but now that I’m in university I don’t have time :/ Volleyball is my life. I love football as much as I love food (hahaha) no. really. I’m in love with Gonzalo Higuain and Esteban Granero. I’m a Madridista YAAAAAAAAY. I will always support my boys :)

When I’m not in a good mood, I just write. I like writing text about the things that happen to me or text about life. Also I wrote a few songs about some relationships and life too. Music is always a way of trying to forget bad things. It’s a important part of my life.