Rare Taylor Swift songs

This is my list. Any question just ask.


1. A place in this world (demo)
2. Aint nothing bout you (cover, live)
3. Angelina
4. All night diner (Acoustic)
5. American boy
6. Baby, don’t break my heart slow
7. Barnyard song (live)
8. Beautiful eyes (demo)
9. Being with my baby (Acoustic demo)
10.Better off
11.Brand new world
12.Brought up that way (Studio)
13.By the way (Acoustic)

14.Can I go with you
15.Check out this view 
16.Christmas when you were mine (Alt)
17.Closest to a cowboy (acoustic)
18.Cold as you (demo)
19.Come in with the rain (demo)
20.Crazier (Demo)
21.Cross my heart (Acoustic)
22.Dark blue tenessee (studio)
23.Dark blue tenessee (Piano)
24.Diary of me (studio)
25.Didn’t they (acoustic)
26.Don’t hate me for loving you (acoustic)
27.Fall back on you
28.Fearless (Demo)
29.Firefly (studio)
30.For you
31.Here you come again
32.Hold on (feat. Jack Ingram)
33.Honey baby (Acoustic)
34.Hopelessly devoted to you
35.I guess I wished on a plane
36.I heart ? (studio)
37.I heart ? (demo)
38.I’d lie
39I Know what I want
40.I’m every woman
41.Invisible (Acoustic live)
42.Invisible (demo) (3.19)
43.Just south of knowing why
44.Live for the little things (Acoustic)
45.Long time coming (Studio)
46.Look at you like that
47.Love (acoustic)
48.Love to lose
49.Love They Haven’t Thought Of Yet
50.Lucky you (mix and demo)
51.Mary’s song (demo)
53.My cure (studio)
54.My cure (acoustic)
55.Need you now
56.Never mind. (pop and country)
57.One way ticket
58.One thing
59.Our last night
60.Our song (Acoustic demo) 3:26
61.Perfect have I loved
62.Permanent marker (live and studio)
63.Picture to burn (Alt)
64.Picture to burn (Acoustic demo) 2:34
65.Rain song (Acoustic)
67.Sweet tea and god’s graces (studio and acoustic)
68.Smokey black nights 
69.Sparks fly (live version)
70.Superstar (Demo) 4:38
71.Star spangle banner
72.Stupid boy (Acoustic)
73.Teardrops on my guitar (no drew)
74.Tell me (studio)
75.Ten dollars and a six pack
76.The middle (cover, live version)
77.The outside (demo)
78.There’s your trouble
79.Thinking bout you
80.Thirteen blocks (Can’t call it love)
81.This is really happening
82.'Til Brad pitt comes along
83.Tim mc graw (Alt)
84.Tim Mc graw (demo piano)
85.Tim Mc graw (acoustic)
86.Two steps behind (cover, live)
87.We were happy
88.What do you say
89.What to wear
90.White horse (Grey’s anatomy version)
91.Who I’ve always been
92.Writing songs about you
93.You do
94.You don’t have to call me (0.45)
95.Your face (live and studio)

96.Made Up You (*) (***)

97.This here guitar (*) (***)
98.Down come the rain (*)

99.I used to fly (*)


101.Making up for lost love (*) (***)

102.Same girl (*) (***)

103.I’m only me when I’m with you (demo)

104. Cross my heart


LIVE from Soho (all acoustic versions)
Our song
Teardrops on my guitar
Should’ve said no
A place in this world
Mary’s song
Tim Mc Graw
Picture to burn


AOL Sessions

White horse


Love story



Stripped,Raw & Real sessions

Love story



Teardrops on my guitar

Beautiful eyes

Should’ve said no


Picture to burn


Taylor Swift from Abbey Road Studios

Dear John


Fearless & I’m yours


Long Live

Love story


Speak Now

The story of us

You belong with me


Billaboard live.

I’d lie